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How Cool Is It to Be Fit Not Fat is your ultimate guide to a fitter, healthier you!

Almost everyone of us would want to have a healthy, fit body. Being fit does not only give us those attractive curves and lean muscles, but it also has great health benefits as well. If fit, a person is less prone to illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, sleep disorders, osteoporosis, and even certain cancers. Have you ever wondered How Cool Is It to Be Fit Not Fat?

Losing weight, shaping up, and becoming fit is easy! You just need to be focused and disciplined, looking always at the right perspective. Many have tried and failed, because they became distracted or discouraged, some also tried and failed because they do not have the proper guidance. But one must know that even with the proper guidance, tools, and diet, becoming fit will not be easy and successful if you do not think that you can. Yes, as Douglas McCoy says, It’s all in the mind!

ReCreation King, Douglas McCoy

The pages of this book will inspire you to shed pounds and wear that size you always wanted. How Cool Is It to Be Fit Not Fat will surely help you ReCreate yourself, just like the thousands of others. Douglas McCoy has already helped change the lives of many through his works, it is time you change yours for the better too. The book is filled with tips and tricks as to how to stay focused and motivated to reach that fit, healthy state. It will be your coach, conscience, and guide – anywhere and anytime!

It is never too late to do something new, and one is never too old to ReCreate themselves. It is better to start now before it is too late! Don’t wait for the time that these illnesses will get to you and pull you down.

It’s time to live the healthy fit life today!

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